Poems; A Fable & A Cry of A Thousand Men

Musings of E.T the Accountant

A Fable

I touch her gently and whisper softly
My thoughts are love, at joy i am
Sincerely I tell her she is my only
Purest of eyes on mine now planted

Hearts beat wildly
Blood is boiling
bodies are aching
Our bodies touch
desire burning,
together we render,
Pants in staccato
puncture the silence,

Ruptures of pleasure deep within us,
Shivers and shudders
then I wonder
Fleeting fervor
eternal peace?

A smile so pure
am lost in her all
Spirits fly giddily
sweet in release,
Reckless love
mindless bliss,
Eternal pictures
my mind now draws
If only it were more than a fable.

I cry a cry of a thousand men

I cry a cry of a thousand men,
Of heavy hearts and broken souls

We stood together
united in purpose
Our minds in tune
dreams in concert
our plans were grand
our tactics genius
We went to war
a goal in common
Of victory sweet to defeat our foe

Our stance was brave
our resolve unflinching
We fought with passion
strength and valor
blood was sputtered
to death we battled
We gave our all
but alas
we were losing.

Limbs broken
will extinguished
shunted hopes
blunted vision
spirits crushed
bodies bleeding
moans and sobs
anguish of a shattered dream,
But re-group we must
to restore our honor
Ignite the fire that inflamed our desire
Stir up the flames to rekindle our passion

For our purpose is pure
our conviction true
a fight for all
that we believe and trust in
a fight for redemption
a fight for pride,
For nothing
but the memory of our fallen

For we stood ten thousand
but now stand a thousand.

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