Album Review; PAUKWA By Dela Maranga

Musician Dela Maranga

When the elegance of nice audio meet beautiful lyrics there is much one can say about the beauty that will be created, there is no turning back from the thoughts as I mellow into my zone with the album, Paukwa from the talented Dela.
The first track “Every Season” has an in-depth of meaning and reasoning as the gorgeous lady expresses in awesome voice prowess that every thing has a reason in its existence, occurrence and being.
The next track, my all time line to the lady in my life with the best bit being the line ‘nakama ningekuwa pete, mpenzi we, wewe chanda teule’ (if I was a ring, my love, you are my ring finger of choice) and after this we go into an acoustical beautiful mess of emotional sweetness and lyrical madness.
“War in my heart” speaks of the various vices and dilemmas that we face in the various areas of our lives from pain of a mother after losing a son in battle to a lady headed to church reminiscing what was of the previous day as she indulged in pole dancing for cash. An explanation of dilemma like situations that tear our hearts into making tough decision.
“Listen” is the song that made me like this lady is where she calls them politicians a bunch of fools. ‘World peace is a dream when the people who seem to rule are a bunch of fool.’ It is where she pulls an almost rap verse that goes so sweetly and maintain the flow in the beats.

Paukwa – The Album cover

“Ulivio” brings the hype in the album a song that reminds me of the ways of Just-A-band. It is about the simple act of total acceptance the way you are without conditions and prerequisites and I will love you as you are.
A sweet piece of composition is felt in the words and presentation of “yeye ndiye” as we say of what love make us feel, the description of him as the medication is beautiful and makes me think of a possible disease called ‘going crazy without my love’.
“Paukwa pakawa” is the tenth title and the derivation of the album’s title. It reminds me of days we would sit besides an elder to be told stories. It is a song to bring out the various suffering we endure in life (tribe, education, class and such like). The reasons we have become the good personalities we are.
My best was saved for the last even in the album, and I will recommend you listen to it. It is the explosion of the strong voiced Barasa, from the boy band Sauti sol and this beauty ,Dela, in a bid to request her parents to let her get married to him. “Mama Papa”
This album is filled with detailed enchantments written by her and some in assistance with the talented Abigail Arunga and brilliant Enos Olik featuring the likes of Sauti Sol and Gaza and produced by the superman Wawero “wawesh” Kiboy under the lebel, Penya Africa. a 2009 production.

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Review by Robert Mahebo

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