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“Bubbly, happy-go-lucky, jovial, talkative, happy soul, outgoing, friendly”

These are some of the terms that have often been used to describe me by family, friends and acquaintances. 

I’m that woman who, in a room will be having animated conversations peppered with hearty laughter. I thrive in the presence of an engaged audience, large crowds feed my energy.

I’m also that woman who retreats for some solitude when that energy becomes a torrent whose force drowns my anchor to my inner self.

My name“Njeri” is derived from the Kikuyu word “cera” which means one who loves to wander. It’s a name I have always worn well ever since I was a little girl, long before I knew what it meant.

The problem with wanderers, they can never keep still. They hate being bored. They also hate being confined in neat boxes and labelled as only one thing.  They thrive in adventure. Challenges intrigue them. They also love trying new things.

I have always been comfortable living in different worlds.  Those worlds that call out the outgoing part of me and also those that I can be alone with my thoughts or my breaths.

For the longest time, I struggled with the need by many to define me as just a poet, a blogger, a writer, a storyteller, a freelance journalist, a children’s content producer, a mother, a runner or a hiker. I am all these things.  

I love reading, telling and listening to well-told stories, music, working out,  being outdoors either running, hiking, camping, travelling or just meditating and I love being a mother. All these things are the muse that feeds my writing. 

Since this space came into being circa 2005, it has never been just mine to have and use. For a long time, it has been the place where stories of Kenya’s art & culture found a home.

Now, with more than one thing that I love doing, I have knocked down some walls to create enough room for the other things that I love doing and writing about.

This place doesn’t just belong to me, it is a place where you, who, like me, love telling stories will find a room where all your words will hopefully find a place they can call home.

We are the lions we have been waiting for to tell our tales.