Sigana International Storytelling Festival 7th – 9th June 2013

The Zamaleo Story Tellers

The Sigana International Storytelling Festival will be held in Nairobi on June 7 at 6:00pm until June 9 at 5:00pm at the Kenya National Theatre Gallery.

This is a festival of international repute that provides a platform for storytellers from different parts of the World to showcase their Art. It also provides the Kenyan audiences and lovers of stories to experience both Homegrown and “Diasporan’ talent and excitement. In its 5th year, storytellers from Kenya, USA, Denmark and Romania will be sharing the stage. Lots of fun, excitement and memorable moments guaranteed!

The event is organised by ZamaLeoACT – a registered arts and culture public trust organization in the republic of Kenya with a focus on creation and presentation of African creative performance expressions.

ZamaleoACT functions as a creative convergence point where established artistes as well as young performers in African theatre, dance, storytelling and music collaborate, share, compare views, exchange, experiment, create and present their works to various audiences.

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