Win tickets to the 3rd FOMO party with Jidenna & Nyashinski

The third edition of the FOMO party (Fear Of Missing Out) is on this weekend this time featuring Nigerian-American Classic man singer Jidenna and Kenya’s own Hip Hop legend Nyashinski. The Hennessy-sponsored concert will be at the Carnivore Gardens on 1st of July.

We are giving away four (4) pairs of regular tickets to fans of KenyanPoet, Jidenna & Shinski. All you need is to answer any of the questions below to stand a chance of winning the pair of tickets.

Question one: In which year was the KenyanPoet blog started and what was the exact URL address?

Question two: How many wives did Jidenna’s grandfather have and in which song does he mention this?

Question three: What does the “Classic man” track by Jidenna celebrate? Name at least 3 attributes

Question four: According to Nyashinki as mentioned in his song’s lyrics, when was the last time he rapped (the year) before his hit song ‘Now you know’?


A few rules & guidelines on this competition
1. You are required to submit your answers in the comments section of THIS article. So don’t tag me on twitter of FB with answers. Only answers submitted via the comments section of this blog article will be considered.
2. When submitting your answer(s), indicate the question(s) you are answering. E.g Question 1 –
3. Include your twitter handle in your response if you are on twitter.
4. Competition closes on Wednesday midnight.
5. Winners to be announced on Thursday morning

Let’s do this.

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