PAWA254 launches PAWA FESTIVAL ‘Art in the Streets’


PAWA Festival – Art in the Streets is an annual street festival that will be taking place on Sunday 20th December 2015, from 10.00am to 10.00pm at the heart of Nairobi’s Central Business District, along City Hall Way, showcasing socially conscious East African Art, Music and Creativity. It will act as a platform for innovative young artists to showcase their creative genius though visual and performance quality pieces including: public installations; film screenings; photography exhibitions; music; poetry; and literary readings.

While there are a number of festivals in Nairobi, few to none are public, meaning that only a select number of individuals can access them. PAWA Festival is an attempt to reach new audiences, mainly emerging artists and art enthusiasts, and provide a public space where diverse art forms can be accessed. The Festival is borne out of the Art in the Streets showcase that took place in 2013 along Tom Mboya Street.

PAWA Festival will include Musical performances, the Governor’s Desk, Photography exhibition, Street Film Screenings, Live art installations, Dialogues and workshops on social accountability issues and select vendors. The inaugural edition of the PAWA FESTIVAL has been made free to ensure that everyone has a chance to experience the power of Art.

The inaugural PAWA  Festival shall be held on  Sunday 20th December in Nairobi

The inaugural PAWA Festival shall be held on Sunday 20th December in Nairobi

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