YUNASI is BBC’s Next Big Thing

Kenyan group Yunasi have been named the winners of BBC World Service’s Next Big Thing 2007 competition at the Maida Vale studios in London.

The band, comprising seven men from East Africa and a French woman, triumphed with their song Ndi Ndi Ndi, about the dangers of excess drinking.

They were praised by the all-star judging panel for their “wide open, exuberant vocals” and for being “different to 99% of pop music”.

“Somehow we knew we were going to take it,” said the band’s lead singer Simon Maranga Nyarieko.

“Our song is the best thing that has ever been done in terms of music. We came thinking we were going to take the prize, but we were nervous. Now we have it, we’re good to go.”Read more

I will not be so surprised if no Kenyan has heard Yunasi’s music playing in the Local radio Stations. I got to know them through the many concerts they held at the French Cultural Center.

ONLY when they come back will all the media stations(newspapers, radio, TV) be falling over themselves just to feature these newly born Artists!!!

Why is it that most of us only want to claim something as our own when it has gone out there and gained International Acclaim!!!.

A word of advise to all Art lovers, do yourself a favour and attend art events coz chances are, they will not be covered for you to read about, maybe only after they appear on a western news page.

TIA/TIK(This is Kenya)

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