9 African Animations that are challenging Disney

The main character in the Mark-of-Uru Film Animation

When you switch on your TV and, for those with Pay TV, surf through the children’s channel, or for those with free to air, watch on Saturday mornings, its easy to think that no African Animations exist out there. Dream Works, Disney and Pixar have dominated our kids channels with characters such as Ben 10, Mickey Mouse, Johny Bravo, Shrek and Sponge Bob  among others becoming household names for those of us who are now parents to young ones.

Granted that we still have a long way to go before we can catch up with Disney but there are those talented Africans who have felt the need for our children to see African characters in the animations they watch, listen to stories they can relate to and sometimes, perhaps in African languages that they use everyday. These amazing African animators have defied all odds to come up with well thought out, original and African inspired cartoon creations that showcase the beauty and diversity in our various African cultures.

We highlight some of these amazing Africans who, either as individual animators or through their production companies are making amazing animation videos for African children.

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