Makmende Vies For President – The Play. Sarakasi Dome 12th – 14th Nov 2010

 The much awaited political play MAKMENDE VIES FOR PRESIDENT – THE PLAY finally docks.

Hosanna, a local art group, has partnered with Sarakasi Trust, Ghetto Radio and PhatBuzz to stage the a political thriller play that picks on the popular character Makmende. It goes on theater, Sarakasi Dome, on the 12th through to the 14th of November.

Just declared the poorest country in the world, Kenya is on the verge of collapse. Poverty has ravaged the land. Corruption defines the nation. Poor rains have left the country cracked and desert-hot. The schools are closed and the food factories ail under heavy tax. Inflation on food prices threatens the existence of Kenya.

Then Makmende, first invented on Facebook by Kenyan youth, is flouted as the only young man that can give a shift in thinking. He is the right thinking candidate that has what it takes to restore Kenya’s once blossoming glory. When the penniless Makmende announces his bid to become President of the United Tribes of Kenya, the Kenyan youth go wild, and within 30 minutes, his status update reads 400,000 comments. But when his star and rating begins to rise, Mheshimiwa,the wealthy, ruthless, and connected political aspirant goes for his throat. The dirty play begins; Makmende’s name is erased from the immigration records, he is framed of fraud and rape.

But with impregnable Obama-like support, coupled with Makmende’s ghostly and superman character, the chase by the old-guard meets a potent and daring opposition…. With eyes focused on Statehouse, and riding on the only youthful party, THE REMNANTS PARTY OF KENYA, Makmende walks on a tight rope, passes through baited hooks…walks on hot coals, triples on rocks…kicks pointed daggers. He survives two assassination attempts. He promises to restore hope to the homeless Kenyans. Within 2 months Makmende supporters have pooled 2billion Kenya shillings through Mpesa to fund his presidential bid. It’s the biggest political showdown in Kenya’s history.

Will the youth give Makmende the victory? Or will Mheshimiwa’s power machine take him off the race into the cold? The play is directed by Fred Owino who plays Chris in the popular TV program TABASAMU, and features able Characters Ephie Murithi playing Makmende, Olympia Owira playing Jasmine,and Alex Munyiri playing Mheshimiwa.

When I saw this script the first time, I said, ‘will we have the Kenya portrayed in this play’. So I decided to direct it and to show Kenyans what we want Kenya to be under an able leader” – Fred Owino; Play Director.

Hosanna Paratroopers is CBO (Community Based organization), which offers a platform for all men and women to transform our socio political, economic, and political environment.

Mission:Organizing, mobilizing men and women of God, and putting up a platform for young artists in order to evangelize, teach and correct human kind. Vision:To be an international organization that organizes, and mobilizes men and women of God unto a platform to evangelize, teach and correct humankind.

Tickets can Bought From
Recordez Music Shop Yaya Center 2nd Floor and Westgate 1st Floor
Sarakasi Dome – Ngara
Wakestar Bookshop Rehani Hse Banda Street, Canon House Healaselassie Avenue, Langata shooping Centere: For more info; 0721168693727976735

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