Anthony Hamilton the next Soul Artist to headline Tusker Lite Experience

A few minutes ago,Neo Soul fans were treated to some exciting news on twitter. The Tusker Lite, an EABL brand through their twitter handle confirmed that they would be bringing Soul Singer Anthony Hamilton for the next Tusker Lite Experience.

The Tusker Lite Experience with Anthony Hamilton. Details coming soon. #TuskerLiteExp

Anthony Hamilton who is known for hits such as ‘Lucile’, ‘pass me over’, ‘Coming from where am from’ and ‘Charlene’ among many others will be in the country for a concert in mid October according to EABL’s Media Agency.

Fans can start saving up to see this American Soul singer whose song ‘Freedom’ was the soundtrack in the controversial movie Django Unchained.

Tusker Lite brand through the Tusker Lite Experience has previously brought acts such as Joe Thomas, Johnny Gill, Donel Jones and most recently, Erykah Badu.

Although full details of this event have not been confirmed, the ticket cost will be in the range of Kes 4,000 regular and Kes 7,500 for VIP tickets based on Erykah’s concert gate fees.

Keep it here for more details.

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