Poem; It by K-Nine

Adopted it without a thought

Because I knew not what it was

Indeed, I needed it not

Losing it would be no loss

But laws of effect and cause

Effected that our paths would cross

By its blue eyes I’d be drawn

Should I, or should I not?

I paused.

Embellish the thought.

I hadn’t felt like that before

As enchanted as a tot

Bent and stroked its furry coat

Can’t be wrong, I wanted more

At my heels it skipped along

Till we came to my abode

Should I let it through the door?

Cute thing rolled onto the floor


No need for thought.

Thus began our symbion

I and it at beck and call

Bit by bit I saw it grow

Beat by beat my heart enthralled

But then thick becomes the plot

Nights became a dreaded fog

Waking terrified each morn

Fur upon my face and throat


Who would have thought?

Those blue eyes sufficed no more

Fear and doubt had gripped my soul

So afraid of night I was

Two red glows I thought I saw

Till there came that fateful dawn

I awoke as one who’s clawed

Saw my blood upon its paws

It or I, twas either or

It pounced,

No time for thought.

What ensued was deadly brawl

Fist and paw with blood being drawn

On and on with fatal force

Somehow it, not I, would fall

So I dragged its lifeless form

Out the door across the lawn

In a hole its carcass dropped

At last, my heartbeat slowed


Cherish the thought.

So back to my house I walked

Shovel shoved across the porch

Sat inside with back to wall

Closed my eyes, my body sore

It was over, it was gone

Strangely though, I missed it so

Looking back I self-consoled

Maybe less is really more

I’m safe.

Or so I thought!

Heard a spluttered wheezing cough

Up I jumped in horrid shock

There before me as before

Its blue eyes. Implored.

Maybe I’m just lost in thought.


K-Nine © 2013
Thinker, Poet, Gospel Hip-Hop & Spoken Word Artiste

The following work is copyrighted and may not be used without the explicit consent of the copyright holder. Contact K-Nine

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