Hanging out with Stacy Ann Chin

Last week amidst the downtime I received an interesting message on my MKZ . Someone had noticed all the toil of trying to make it as a poet and blogger and Kenya and they wanted me to be among the first to know that Stacey Ann Chin would be coming to Nairobi for a series of workshops and a performance.

Anyone who loves poetry has watched either the entire Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam, production (yes it 6 season and I have all, incase you are interested let me know) or some episodes thus the name Stacey Ann is not very un-familiar. I loved her ode to Bob Marley in which she collaborated with a fellow poet to celebrate the uniqueness of  the community’s loss from the deaths of Jam Master Jay and Bob Marley( can’t seem to  find the clip online)

It will be a big shot in the arm for the poetry movement in Nairobi as she will be having a breakfast meeting with artists, a workshop and a performance.

Find full details from the event hosts The Nest.

Sample some clips from Def Poetry Jam.

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