MultiChoice Kenya to generate more local content after acquiring Film Studios Kenya

The first draw in the DSTv Customer Rewards Incentive Program aimed at rewarding loyal active DSTv subscribers was conducted at the Nairobi Incubation Laboratory (Nailab) in partnership with Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) on Wednesday 13th February with Dr. Mugambi winning Ksh. 600,000. (Find more details of this campaign here)

Happening now #DStvRewards launch at @nailab
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@DStv_Kenya speaking opportunity to tech and bloggers @thenailab #DSTVRewards ‏@Echorest
Chris Mugambi, a doctor from Nairobi on the Access Bouquet has just won Shs. 600,000/= in the #DSTvRewards promotion.

It is during this draw that the General Manager of MultiChoice Kenya (MCK), Danny Mucira announced the acquisition of Film Studios Kenya. This was in response to a question I posed during the QnA session on MCK’s future plans in regards to content generation.

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@DSTV_Kenya has bought out #FilmStudios as their focus is now on local content generation. if you have show ideas, talk 2 them #DSTVRewards

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#Multichoice has acqured film studios in a move to generate local content #dstvrewards

#MultiChoice recently bought film studio, commitment to content generation #DstvRewards

TechMoran ‏@TechMoran
Dstv is going huge into local content, #Mnet too has a huge plan to develop content and moving to generate content seriously #dstvrewards

This was further clarified by Phillip Wahome, the company’s Corporate Communications Manager who confirmed that although Film Studios had actually been acquired by Super Sport (SS). It (SS) is part of MultiChoice South Africa thus the studios will be at the disposal of either Mnet, SuperSport or any of the other brands under MCK.

Generation of local content by MCK is in Risper Muthamia’s docket as the MNet Regional Manager. I spoke to her regarding local content generation

KP: As the Mnet Regional Manager, what are some of the unique tasks you handle in your docket?

RM: My greatest task is to ensure that Africa Magic channels get the best content from East Africa; which includes Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Zambia. My responsibility therefore is to engage with regional TV & Film industry players to find creative and cost effective ways of creating compelling content with a Pan African viewer in mind. My other responsibilities include overseeing Marketing & Publicity of the Africa Magic Brand.

We have seen MCK through its Super Sport brand venture into local content syndication with the Kenya Premier League, are we likely to see the same with other forms of entertainment?

Multichoice through its M-Net and Africa Magic brands has been key in forming partnerships with local Producers to create entertaining content for its ardent viewers. Programmes such as Changes, Patricia Show, Mashariki Mix as well as the Soap currently in Production are testimony to this commitment and continued investment in local content.

Are you accepting ideas, pilots or ready productions as part of your local content generation?

We encourage producers to engage with us at their concepts inception so that we can give an editorial guideline based on our ongoing audience research. We license content on a day to day basis so any producer with any developed material is encouraged to talk to our content buyer for advise.

What has prompted the shift in focus on local entertainment content? Viewer demand is the key driver to creation of local content.

The African Viewer wants stories that he/she can resonate with and it’s our responsibility to ensure this demand is met. We also consider it our responsibility to nurture and develop African talent and this can only be achieved by creating a ready market for content developers.

Do you have specific criteria you are seeking content on ?
We acquire and Commission any content that has great entertaining and technical value. We seek diverse genres; be it Drama, Soaps, Musicals, Magazine shows – travel, cooking etc. Our 8 Africa magic channels provide a ready platform for any entertaining content..

Do you have a target on how many local productions to churn out in a period of say 6 months or 1 year.

We do not have a limit as to how much content we would like to Commission per year; there’s always a budget challenge but where possible we would Commission as many projects as the local industry can handle since viewers are hungry for these stories anyway. Our main focus is to ensure that in every Commissioned production theres both skills development and transfer to promote the already aggressive local talent.

How do you plan to deal with challenges of quality of acting.

Acting skills have improved tremendously in the last few years and we hope to see more local talent being exported. This is not only good from an the individuals economic perspective but it impacts positively to the general industry. Acting skills improve as people get more exposure. In our Productions we ensure that actors/actresses are well directed for best delivery. Actors/Actresses are also considered as professionals and their remuneration must match the expected outcome.

Film animation seems to have taken off really well in the west, are there plans to setup an animation studio in order to work with local animators who have made strides creating local animations?

We do not have immediate plans to set up animation studios but we urge animators to utilize the available resources to create the demand for genre specific studios.

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