Flowetree: All Nairobi Poetry events come together, 18th June @Club Metro

A few days ago, I was tagged with the hashtag #Flowetree  on twitter with the question “What is your wish?”
I must admit I had no idea what flowetree was. Floetry which comes close is a  neo soul duo that broke up some time back and thus I was sure they could not be talking in relation to them.
So I asked(its not good to assume some things) @BernardMuhia, “What is Flowetree?”

There will be an Open Mic alliance that aims to bring together all the existing poetry events in Nairobi under the banner, Flowetree.

This I must say, is a good initiative and maybe out of it will grow a Poetry Festival as one Tweep suggested to me a few weeks back.

One Akil Ahmed @Elpo3tic is the face behind this initiative, he is a Writer and a Poet. The event will be on Saturday 18th at Club Metro from 6pm. Charges are Ksh. 300. 

Read more from @Wamathai. A correction to him though, all these poetry events are in Nairobi and its environs and there has not been any Poetry ventures in other parts of Kenya (something to think about)

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