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Giovanca Ostiana Desire is a Dutch singer, songwriter and model.

The past ten years she has acted as a background singer in the studio and stood with several acts, including Izaline Calister , Roots Riders , known for Tribute to Bob Marley, Jhelisa Anderson , Benny Sings and Wouter Hamel . Since 2006, it acts more and more out of the shadows, initially in collaboration with other artists, but in 2008 with a solo album.
Beginning of 2007 she is one of the singers on the CD “The Mighty 8″ of the National Pop Institute. In 2007 she received her master’s degree in Special Education at the University of Amsterdam .
End of 2007 stood in the charts with “As long as we’re in love”, a duet with Wouter Hamel . During 2007 Giovanca appeared several times on national television (including in The World Keeps Turning , Pauw & Witteman ), in newspapers ( The Parool ) and magazines ( New Revue ).

In March 2008 , her solo debut album, titled ‘Subway Silence’, the label on Dox Records . The first single from this album, titled “On My Way”, leading to live performances at, among others GIELEN , let’s Raymann and Good morning Netherlands . She also used for charity [1] . As an ambassador for Plan Netherlands among others, she was active in Sierra Leone .
Giovanca received on March 3, 2010 from the hands of Frank Sinatra a Silver Harp .
On March 26,

2010, her new album “While I’m Awake” from the first single of this album is “Drop It”.

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