Poem: Death’s Face

I have looked at death’s face,
Its lifeless eyes looking at nothingness,
It’s hand soft like a child’s
Yet with folds and veins
That bear witness to life at its last.
I have heard death speak,
Its shrill, quiet voice
Seems to lose its thoughts.
The words crying out yet,
Still carrying hope
Like a drop of water
Seeking survival in a desert
I am alright,
Do not cry for me,
I am alright
I see the peace I will feel.
I have felt death around me,
Next to me,
Staring back at me,
Talking to me,
I have felt its cold
Yet warm presence lingering
Like a sweet aroma
Pulling her
Njeri wa Gikaru
I sat there
A warm wet feeling on my cheeks.
Njeri Wangari
10th June, 2011
– All rights reserved©

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