The Maurice Kirya Experience ‘Misubbaawa’

After his name was announced as this year’s RFI Music Award winner, Maurice Kirya has proved that he has indeed come of age.

Yet, despite beating another little known Kenyan artist, Winyo, Kirya is also not very well know locally. This could be due to the fact that his music is not commercial pop. His is the sound you would find similar to Stan’s or Harry Kimani’s played in specific radio stations or during their live performances.

Kirya beat over 500 musicians from all over Africa who had entered  the competition early last month.

At first I thought that maybe he was being over-rated as I have heard Winyo from the time he used to be a part time accountant trying his hand at music during Kwani Open Mic night back in 2007 till last month when he awed the crowd that had largely gone for Spotlight on Kenyan Music at Alliance as is norm plus its usually free.

Kirya who is Ugandan born and raised is mainly known for his song ‘Binadamu’ which he sang with AY of Tanzania.

Kirya also runs a monthly show titled ‘’The Maurice Kirya Experience’’ which showcases live acts from East Africa and numerous other parts of the world. The show has been credited for boosting the live music scene in Uganda, since it exposes established and non established live musicians and poets on a professional stage. The show has also been graced by the famous Cecile Verny Quartet.

“I want my music to move hearts, encourage hearts, strengthen hearts and heal them.”

He recently released his debut album, ‘Misubbaawa’ which is a blend of soul and R&B that is influenced by the beauty and unique spirit of his homeland.

Sample some of the songs from his album

Watch a video of the two in a colabo

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