Uniting colors of Kenya

If  I were to paint the colour of peace
let you feel the texture of it
how deep the hue soaks into the wall,
the canvas turned skin turned garment

I would use the most radiant of colours
those that  look like our soil and rain
our tears of joy and pride

The abundant cocktail of different colours
is where peace is found.

© All Rights of this poem are reserved to Njeri Wangari

As we near the general elections in just a few weeks, Crown paints  relaunched a peace campaign dubbed “Uniting colours of Kenya”

The UNITING COLOURS OF KENYA campaign puts you in the driver’s seat towards a peaceful Kenya. This movement aims at supporting peace initiatives within our local communities. Since collective peace starts with an individual, they hope to achieve this by persuading you to take up a role as an agent of peace. Because when you practice peace as a habit of life, the mistrusts of tribe against tribe, class against class and race against race will no longer exist. In its place, a prosperous state of PEACE, LOVE and UNITY prevails.
How do you Participate?

We encourage people to upload original and the most creative pictures, videos, messages and quotes possible promoting peace in your community on our built platform – to encourage Kenyans to spread the peace message amongst ourselves.

What do I stand to Win?

Each day, we’ll give away Ksh. 1000 worth of airtime as a reward to the most creative upload.
The entry will also automatically qualify for the grand draw.
Here, the cash price for the the victor will be Ksh. 100,000.
First runners up will receive Ksh. 70,000, and Ksh. 40,000 for the second runners up.
What’s more, the most creative messages will be printed on giveaway T-shirts

The Crown Paints team will vet 4 or 5 among the best peace posts and share them on facebook, where they will let people vote for the most creative message and reward them.
Where can you find/engage Crown Paints
Facebook page: CrownPaintsLtd
Twitter : @CrownPaintsLtd

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