Edward Mungai’s Abbott Marathon Majors

Edward Mungai - Japan
  1. How long have you been running and what led you to it?
    For 10 years- I risky it was about cutting my weight from 105 kilos to 80 kilos which I did. The focus over the last 5 years has been running for charity.
  1. What set you on your Six Star Journey and what has been the motivation to pursue all 6 majors?
    It has been about challenging myself and wanting to have an adventure. It also played a big role for me as I used the opportunity to raise funds to make a difference for others. It was also about the status that the 6 majors comes with.
  1. What was your first marathon major and what are some of the tough learnings that helped in you the subsequent 5 majors?
    Chicago was my first one and the race day atmosphere made me to want more. I did not stop and I continue running international marathons.
  1. How did you qualify and enter each of the races?
    The journey to each marathon was unique- some was through ballots, a couple through charity and at least one through a travel and tour agency. 
  1. Which was the hardest race to get into?
    Definitely Boston and hence the tour and travel route was the only feasible way- costed me a bomb. 
  1. What goes into planning for such races?
    Once your get into the routine and rhymes of running each day is a practice day- by making to run 10km for 5 days a weeks- am always ready for a marathon. Only that I need to throw in a couple of long runs weeks before the marathon.
  1. Describe to us what goes into training for these races?
    As a beginner you need discipline and consistency and growing your clocked miles. Diet Matters too and your overall mindset. You need it to drive you! 
  1. Which was the hardest race to run and why?
    Boston to me was the hardest and was the last one on the 6 majors for me. My mindset was not settled. I was on celebration mode from Minute one and I regretted. Marathons require focus… I did not have this. The course did not help it. A couple of hills and man the game was not easy. 
  1. What impact has this achievement made on your running?
    Educating close to 200 kids
    Contributing to various charities
    My health being better and of of course productivity.
    Inspiring hundreds people of people who become runners! 
  1. Africa has so far produced only 90 six-star finishers, the lowest by continent, why do you think this is the case and what, in your opinion can be done to have more generals like you?
    More dreaming by Kenyan and wanting to have adventure.

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