Poem: Ũrĩ Waigua (Have you ever Heard)

(scroll down for the English translation)

Ũrĩ waigua nyoni cikĩina
Cigĩkũya, cikĩaria na cikĩinanĩra tũrwĩmbo
Ũrĩ waigua thonjo ikĩinĩra mũtĩ nĩguo
ũrekie mathangũ
namo matunda niguo meeruhe cirĩe?

Ũrĩ waigua tũmĩgambo
twambũrũrũkagia ngoro ta tũu?

Ũri waigua kĩhuruta gĩkĩũmbũka
marangi mathaguinĩ,
kaheho na riiri rĩerainĩ

Ũri woona thayũ ta Ũcio
gĩgĩtamba guokoinĩ,

ũrĩ waigua wororo ta ũcio?

Ũri waigua kĩgogo gĩkĩgamba,
ta mũteti agĩteta.
Kĩna kora njerũ ngingo,
na nguo njirũ ta nduma,

ũri waigua inegene
ta rĩu?

Translation:Have you Ever Heard

Have you ever heard
the birds singing
heard them leading a solo
heard them talking
heard them sing to each other

Have you ever heard a hummingbird
sing to the tree
for it to drop its leaves
for the trees to ripen
have you ever heard

Have you ever heard the butterfly flutter
hues of colour on wings
a whispering wind blowing gently
with such ease
have you ever heard such serenity
as it lands on your hand
have you ever felt such softness

Have you ever heard a crow caw
like a politician politicking
with a white-collar
and a black robe as dark as night
have you ever heard such noise

This poem ũri waigua (Have you ever heard) is part of a collection of 10 poems that I wrote themed around Indigenous people, culture, life, love, nature, and the advocacy for indigenous languages against cultural imperialism. The 10 poems were commissioned by The Joint Board of South and North Korea for the Compilation of Gyeoremal-Keunsajeon for the 2nd International Academic Forum on Sustainable Development of Indigenous Languages. The virtual event took place on November 25th & 26th 2021( Watch a video of the event here)

The recital appearing in the above video was done by my cousin Anthony Thindiu wa Kimani.

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