Your Train Shall Come by Tiema H.M

When that train leaves

There will be goodbye

And good riddance

There will be reflections

On guilt and regrets

There will be reflections

On triumph and satisfaction

When that train leaves

Some would choose to let it go

Some would fight to let it be

Some would have cloudy horizon

Others would have a clear sky

When that train leaves

It’s time to pack up and leave

Or wait for another dawn to be

It’s time to know that it can never be

Or what could be done to make it be

But if none cannot be

Then let the train be your past

Let it fade in the horizon

For the dawn of life has its package

Of promises

Of choices

Of lessons

And your train shall come

When that train leaves

By Tiema HM

Tiema is a practicing journalist and a Journalism and Media Studies lecturer at Damelin City Campus, based in South Africa.
She is a poet and a playwright.

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