What to look out for at this year’s StoryMoja Hay Festival 19th – 22nd Sept.

The Storymoja Hay Festival which has been running annually since its inception in 2008 is back. The 4 day event which will run from 19th to 22nd September is organized in collaboration with Storymoja and the Hay Festival (UK). The theme this year is IMAGINE THE WORLD! WAZA DUNIA!

The main misconception that people have of the festival is thinking that is for the artsy type who will quote from various novels one has never heard of, is adorned in African attire and talks of emancipation! Well, it does attract the artsy type but the range of events is vast even with a session on ‘The Art and Craft of K.I.S.S.I.N.G (how about that)

The festival is a celebration of our Stories and our Contemporary Culture through storytelling, books, live discussion forums, workshops, debates, live performances, competitions and music. The Festival this year has a special focus on Poetry with various exciting local and international writers(including yours truly), artists and thinkers.

Some of the fascinating writers with who will be at this year’s festival include Warsan Shire (for those who missed her during Kwani LitFest last year), Dr. Neal Hall,(whose book ‘Nigger for Life’ I am currently reading- quite brutal), Mongane Serote South Africa, Teju Cole among many others. A big number of the guests are poets(now you know what I am very excited about it). Check out the full guest lineup here.

What I find fascinating about the festival is its ability to have something for everyone from the kids with the Storyhippo Children’s Village, to the adults seeking discussion, or just entertainment.

The premium events are also something to look forward to with events such as ‘Motown comes to StoryMoja’, ‘Imagine the world’- An Afrofusion concert, ‘Wangari Maathai Memorial lecture’ among others.

I will be involved in 2 sessions; moderating the Voicing the Unspoken session and paneling in the BAKE session on Blogging in Kenya.

Check out the program and pick whatever tickles your fancy. Seasons tickets are 1,500 for the 4 days whereas daily tickets are ksh.1,000

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