Kwani Trust to launch its Digital Platform

Kwani Trust, a Kenyan based literary network mainly known for its Kwani? series publications will be launching its Digital platform on 24th May at the iHub.

Through a partnership with Digital Divide Data(DDD), the Kwani digital platform will be available on the url.

With technology changing every sphere of our lives, reading and the age old tradition of flipping a hardcopy book is being re-defined as well. Change of lifestyles, however, seems to be the driving force in the growth of digital publications and that time when one would sit back and enjoy a good read has reduced and instead taken up by time flipping through mobile phones, computers and the TV.

Soon you will be able to download and read the Kwani? series from your smartphone or computer. I am not sure if past issues will be free to download or what payment system has been put in place, lets find this out on 24th May at launch.

PS. I have been invited to give a speech on the launch day. I don’t think my age allows me to start giving speeches yet, thus I will stick to a presentation. I hope to see you there.

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