TwendeLELE2: Live With The Band

Last Saturday was full of surprises and promise not just in the way that the sun shone overhead, not too hot and not absent either, just right. That carried with it a feeling of anticipation especially when on the menu one had the TwendeLELE2: LIVE WITH THE BAND planned. The venue was abuzz with crowds of anticipating fans of good music. Good authentic Kenyan music.

Lele Band performing energetically

Enter the stage for the first performance, Anto Neosoul made quite a statement with his trilogy of performances. He was backed by the very convincing Paragasha Band. The drums were roaring with Pascal thumping away on their bellies while the rest of the band via a master guitarist, Edgar and Wachira, the keyboardist with panache. You could see the joy in the audience’s eyes.

Anto Neousoul backed by Paragasha Band

He also announced the soon-to-be-released #ChipsFunga video is on its way. More power to him for keeping the faith. Also, be sure to attend #PARAGASHA12 on Tuesday 27th September at Club Soundd for the monthly dose of good music presented to you live. That’s the last Tuesday of every month.

Isn’t it amazing how far people go to enjoy good music? Well,the reason all those people came from far and wide on that specific day, LELE, finally came out in full flare to exceed expectation. Or get them closer there as possible. The people who got everybody gathered at that venue, on that Saturday afternoon. They came on stage and seemed well-at-one with that part as they went on and on and on song after song. They gave the crowd a reason to smile, a reason to stand up, a reason to dance. That was priceless. And that was just the first set. A warm up in their words. They went to sip on the juice exhibited and some delicious cookies before a second take at it. The fans followed their lead.

Fadhilee on Acoustic

Fadhilee came on stage next. This young man has a lot to offer musically. He has a very “assertive musical voice” that makes sure you know exactly what every word sang means and sinks. He performed using acoustics and had the crowd (read ladies) fixated on him the entire time. He switched between English and Swahili with so much ease. Very commendable. Hats off! He announced the #JazzNight at Phoenix Theatre on Tuesday for more music from him.

The audience having a ball

Quite like a restaurant, TwendeLELE2 seemed like the main dish and the choice for dessert, #JazzNight or #Paragasha12 had everybody genuinely spoilt for choice. That applied to the many hand-crafted jewellery that was available for all who would have liked a souvenir to remind them of the epic event.

LELE came on a second time, and just as it seemed that the fatigue had set in and songs would be tonned down an upsurge of energy got everybody to their feet. I’ll tell you one thing, the combination of Kevin, Kate, Bodo, Sarah and Wangui made it very difficult for one to leave the venue. With two sets of performances were nothing close to satisfying the hunger that the crowd had for more of #LELEMUZIK.

Revelers enjoying the performances

The artistes who performed on the 24th September 2011 at #TwendeLELE2 were all that was required to make it a great success.

#TwendeLELE3 I hear is in the waterworks. All the best to the band and all those who were involved in that masterpiece.

Review by Le Cleric


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