15 New Kenyan Artist to watch

Despite the ongoing back and forth arguments and discussion that have been happening online for months now on the state of Kenyan Music and what comes first, Kenyans buying and playing Kenyan or Kenyan artists producing music worth being proud of, there is good music that is being produced out there every day. The sad fact is that most people who still look to conventional ways to discover new music will most likely never discover the artists below as most never get any airplay whether on radio or TV.

Most local radio abandoned one of the most crucial roles that they have always played; helping us discover new artists and music. For most of these artists, you only get to discover them through sound cloud and ideal accounts to follow on twitter.

1. Prisca Ojwang

2. Kiu

3. Monitah

4. Lisa Oduor

5. Ythera

6. Mayonde

7. Benady

8. Njeri

9. Liron Soul

10. Gilad Millo

11. Jerry & Jemedari

12. Kahali

13. Kelvin Gachago

14. Third Hand music

15. Otile Brown

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