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The petit beauty, an eye candy, a model, an actress, asinger,  and a poet has an awesome set ofpoetic godliness that have been fused with music to create a bomb of an albumin the self titled album, Ngwatilo.She has a collection of poems in the book, blue mothertongue. Having graced numerous stages performing poetry, her album is an umbrellaof international cultural collisions expressed with love.“July” is the first track with lots of sweet melody by Lisa Noah, introducingthe lady, where the song is blended with spoken word by Ngwatilo Mawiyoo. It isa spectacular concept that I can bet to be the first in the market (Kenya).

Shailja Patel and Ngwatilo

Secondly comes a piece titled “father” with a rigid flow ofirony of the numerous things said about an African father with regards toarranged marriages. It is a narration from a child who is being sent off to bea wife of an old mzee as a father’s decision. “My father loves me, he knows mebetter than myself…” reverberates in my ears and it is the death of thefatherly image in the life of a little girl forced into an arranged marriagebeing introduced to her first sexual experience as a wife.The sweet melody of Wambura Mitaru and the backing of SaraMitaru on the track “Suspend me” brings the end of a relationship that wasarticulated well by Ngwatilo’s recap of how the beginning was, from the numerousphone calls conjoinment of sorts and how its end brings to lights the fact thatyou have to make life about you becoming a better being.“Falling in” is a poetic expression of how love isunderestimated and the deesved attention supplemented with its similar others,namely Lust. It simplifies the well being of a relationship as the fulfillmentof the little things are what is desired is a slow falling in love process.  The vocalization is by Kavutha muanzia Asiyoand Muthoni Hunja and the combination of their sweet voices can easily openNoah’s ark door.“Goat Meat” gets me visualizing things I have not eaten. Ifeel hungry already. And Ngwatilo can sing as expressed in this track. It is acombination of great imagery, this you have to listen to lest I reduce itsawesomeness in my review.

At the poetry Africa festival

“Their stories” is about ladies from the different cultures,races, occupations and the various things that they do. It gives life to theirstories in every bit of the word asking a very interesting question. Who areyou going to appreciate? Do you appreciate the one who is always on your face?Will you start the process of recognizing the one who you ignore though you donot want to ignore them? Every lady plays a huge role in the universe.The album’s outstanding produced is David “Blackman”Muthami. And Its sound quality is superb.  It is a sweet relaxer and a powerful productuniquely in its own niche. A beautiful collection of art.

Reviewed by Robert Mahebo

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