Poem: She liked his smile

She liked his smile
the warmth it shone
she caught it like a flu

Her eyes wandered, lingered
she sought that smile
a reminder of what she once had
the smile told her all she wanted to hear

He liked her face
there was something about her face
he didn’t know what, so he kept looking
trying to figure out what it was

Her face held an intrigue he once knew
her eyes reminded him of a past that was drifting from him
her lips curved to the sound of his voice
her ears whispered the things she wanted to hear him say

Her presence made his mind a river
and she swam in it as though his deep had no end
her words floated like leaves falling

He could not stop them from falling
he liked the sound they made
her words stilled his rough bends

21st March 2018
©Njeri Wangari

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