The Hoodie Awards Awards celebrating the Nairobi Lifestyle unveiled

The Hoodie Awards are a celebration of Nairobi’s Lifestyle

Finally there will be an Award that celebrates the Nairobi Lifestyle dubbed Hoodie Awards.

According to Lonely Planet, Telling people that you like Nairobi is like voicing a guilty secret. Yes, Nairobi’s reputation precedes it. And yes, it’s a city where it pays to keep your wits about you. But there are many people who don’t just like Nairobi but who wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. For those who call it home, the city’s muscular, cosmopolitan charms include a vibrant cultural life, fabulous places to eat and exciting nightlife. If you’re just passing through, this melting pot of people and attractions has the intriguing National Museum, an unlikely national park (black rhinos and all), an irresistible elephant orphanage, the ground zero for the Rothschild’s giraffe, Karen Blixen’s former home and so much more.

Hoodie Awards is the ultimate celebration of the businesses, people and places that make Nairobi one of the greatest capitals in the world. The aim of the awards is not only to showcase the things and places that make Nairobi unique and the African hub not just for access to the many Wildlife destinations but also for its very exciting night life(places like Westlands metamorphosize at night over the weekends) but also recognise those places that give unique experiences to its locals and tourists alike.

Nominations opened on 15th March and will close on 15th May 2015. Nominations are submitted on the awards website through a simple process that takes less than 3 minutes.

Successful nominees will be unveiled on 30th May 2015 then subjected to public voting with the winners in each category awarded on 1st August 2015.

About the Awards

The Hoodie Awards is the ultimate celebration of the businesses, people and places that make Nairobi one of the greatest capitals in the world. Nairobi has been recognized as Africa’s most intelligent city two years in a row.

Nairobi offers consumers an incredible variety of flavours and choice at every corner you turn, which attracts crowds from near and far with its vibrancy and renowned hotspots. From the world famous Nairobi National Park to brilliant bars, restaurants and culture, the awards recognize those who have put their influential stamp on the city and who have made it become such an iconic place to be year on year.


  • Best coffee shop
  • Best Nyama Choma Joint
  • Best Bar
  • Best Fast food Joint
  • Best Hotel
  • Best Conference Facility
  • Best Wedding Venue
  • Best Gym
  • Best Church
  • Best Beauty Salon
  • Best Barber Shop
  • Best Fashion House
  • Best Shopping Mall
  • Best Online Shop
  • Most Innovative Business
  • Best Matatu SACCO
  • Best Taxi Operator
  • Best Business Incubator
  • Best Art Space
  • Best High School
  • Best Tertiary Education Institution
  • Best Sports Team
  • Best Hospital
  • Coolest Mtaa
  • Hottest Radio Station
  • Hottest Blog

Below are the important time lines for Hoodie Awards:

15th March – 15th May 2015: Call for Nominations
Members of the public submit nominations online.

15th – 30th May 2015: Evaluation of submitted Nominations
The judging panel will evaluate the submitted nominations and pick 5 nominees per category. The list of nominees will be released on 30th April 2015.

1st June – 31st July 2015: Public Voting
Members of the public will have a chance to vote for their favourite nominees online. Voting closes on the mid night of 31st July 2015.

1st August 2015: Award Ceremony
The winners of each Category will be unveiled on the afternoon of 31st August 2015.

So go ahead and nominate your best places in Nairobi

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