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I once stood tall hovering above all
Arms stretched wide
Fingers playing with the sun
Casting dancing shadows beneath
Feet reaching out like a lovers embrace

I once stood tall

I once swayed and swung
to the whistles of my friend the wind
and he would sometimes make me swing my clothes off
I have since grown as old as the winds
Strong and grounded

I once swayed

I once made things happen
The clouds cried out my name
The streams matured from boys to men
I made women ululate
For I brought warmth to their lives

I once made things happen

I once made the ground shed its dust off
Quenching its deep thirst
as I made the heavens thunder
Scaring children to their mothers’ underskirt

I once made all this happen

Now, I live in fear
Knowing that my day is coming.

Yours too is coming
When you cut the rest of my kind down
And your song becomes

I once made things happen
All rights reserved ©Njeri Wangari

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