The Joe Thomas Experience

Following the debate that had ensued online over this particular live concert, through BAKE efforts, several entertainment bloggers myself included were given coverage tickets to the event.

I could not make it to the event early in time to watch for the opening acts as I was busy learning how to make Garlicky roast Potatoes at the monthly Bloggers Happy Hour.

Knowing Kenyan events, the main acts are not usually expected till around 11pm or sometimes even at 1am in the night. I therefore knew I would be in time to catch Joe’s performance. I would have loved to see June Gachui and Eddie Grey perform but I guess I will catch their shows another time.

I got there some minutes to 11pm and true to my intuition, Joe had just stepped up on stage with his guitar and women were falling over themselves rushing to the dance floor in a bid to at least touch his hand at some point(most did get their wish)

I loved the setup right from the entrance. It had the glamorous look preserved for red carpet events like award nights though this time it was a Navy Blue carpet leading up to the entrance of the large Bomas of Kenya auditorium.

The dome was strewn with white couches, big brown sitting bags and a few of those fashion circular seats I only see in music videos giving the place a lovely ambiance and transforming from a conference facility.

The turnout was amazing, the place was full but not crowded as I could easily move around as the pathways had not been transformed into seating spaces. Tickets to the event had sold out by Friday evening and many like a friend I bumped could not get an extra for his wife despite looking everywhere on Saturday.

To the many that came expecting a lovely experience, Joe did not disappoint. He sang for over an hour and did not decided to teach his new songs to the crowd. Instead he stuck to the Joe that many came to know an love singing such hits as I wanna know, All that I am and The Love Scene among others.

Backed by a full band complete with two saxophonists, a drummer, a guitarist and pianist, Joe’s energy was almost palpable. He worked up a sweat that soaked his shirt and had to use a towel which he was only too glad to give it to one the star-struck ladies that craved a piece of him.

I managed to capture some of those moments, enjoy.

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