‘Wasanii – The African Place’ A new club opens at Kenya National Theatre

Wasanii – An African Place for Artistic Expressions

Have you been to the Kenya National Theater of late? if so, Maybe to watch the percussionists who provide free open air entertainment under a Mugumo tree at lunchtime(for those taking air buggers, its a great remedy – food for your soul), If not, then you need to.

Most of us have a dull memory of KNT, which is as a result of years of neglect, smelly washrooms, dirty floors, poor lighting and breaking stage among other ills. Well, that is no more – at least not from the look of the theater itself and what used to be the restaurant upstairs.

‘Wasanii – The African Place’ is the new club that has replaced what was then an eating place on the KNT terrace. The club has adopted the African theme(this seems like an emerging trend among hoteliers)This goes in tune with the very aim and vision of the place ‘ Promotion of African Art’ and ‘provision of a platform where artists can Express themselves freely’ – hence the name Wasanii which is the kiswahili term for Artists.

From the minute that you take the stairs to your left, just after the theatre’s main entrance, bright oil on canvas Paintings welcome you to the orange painted room whose lights alone leave you breathless – The lamp shades alone are a mastery work of art. The seats are an array of high stools near the counter, and some on the terrace, ‘face me’ couches(java style) and some circular couches at the terrace corners. The couches outside have these lovely small pillows with multicoloured african patterns, one would be tempted to just lie there meditating. There are various paintings as well as African Masks and other artefacts that add to the look and feel of the place.

The club which will be serving meals , alcoholic and non – alcoholic drinks will be open everyday upto late in the night(yet to confirm exact times). There will be a monthly programme which will incorporate all forms of art. Open mic sessions will be every 2nd Thursday of every month(I had to know that one)

The PR and Marketing Manager, Diana promises that, now artists have a place they can call home, this she says, is after years of artists being exploited in most entertainment spots.

Tonight, the club will be formally launching its premises. The management promises an evening full of artistic expression mainly focusing on Ethnic Music. There will also be poetry(yes, yours truly will perform a piece or two) and Hip-hop.

I did not get a chance to have a look at the menu, I however hope they will not be rivaling their friends from across the road(on the upward scale i.e).

You may reach them on 0721 647043

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