6 rules to interviewing a celebrity you have a crush on

Jamaican Dancehall Artist Konshens

Jamaican Dancehall artist Konshens was in the country last week for a weekend performance at the KICC. The Guinness sponsored event was one that many were looking forward to including Media personalities who sought to have an ‘exclusive’ interview with the bubbly artist (couldn’t help myself).

There was one interview, which, after its airing on Friday evening, made the presenter, Lilian Muli, a trending topic on twitter from that evening all through to Saturday night during the concert.

Many on Twitter felt that Citizen TV’s presenter Lilian Muli was star struck during her interview with Konshens for her friday One on One show and the manner in which she conducted her interview felt more like a Tujuane date than a professional interview.

This soon degenerated to character assassination through memes and lets just say, things just went South from there .

Some of the memes of the interview

Some of the memes of the interview

Which brings us to this question, how do you interview a celebrity you have a crush on or are very fascinated by?

1. Do not let the celebrity know that you are a big fan, they will control the interview and you will not be able to remain objective throughout the interview.

2. Despite every fibre in your being telling you to agree with everything they say, retain your level headedness by blocking your mind to their name and status (this is the hardest)

3. Prepare your questions in good time and ask a colleague who hates the celebrity’s art to go through them. They will have the best questions you could ask.

4. DO NOT ask to do a selfie with them. No need to explain the rest.

5. DO NOT tweet or post about how excited you are to interview them and what you are thinking of wearing.

6. If you make all the above mistakes and KOT (Kenyans on Twitter) attack your, DO NOT defend your actions by responding either through insults or justification, that’s giving them more ammunition. Don’t go online for the next few days and when you finally do, focus on the present.

We are all human and sometimes we let down our guard, how we deal with this after the realization is what determines how seriously we will be taken.

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