Groove Theory, A Musical Drama Comedy

Kijiji Entertainment cordially invites you to the launch of their new TV show Groove Theory on December 3, 2013 at the Louis Leakey Auditorium at the National Museums of Kenya.

The first Musical drama comedy revolves around the lives of young musicians who are establishing their unique voice in the vast music industry.

The making of Groove Theory
Groove theory is a story 8 years in the making.
Kijiji Entertainment are masters of the stage, having brought to life plenty of memorable characters since 2008, with the first Village Musical; Village Christmas. The holiday musicals – Village Easter and Village Christmas – ran annually until 2012.
The writing team, made up of Tina Banja, Mugambi Nthiga, Yafesi Musoke (who had all been writers and directors on the Village Musicals) and experienced playright Seth Busolo, was assembled to bring to life the dramatic musical story that would come to be known as Groove Theory.

The writers met and did workshops and script re-writes over a period of over eight months! With Tina as Head Writer and script consultancy from South African Teboho Pietersen, the script work was intense but beautiful as the production deadline of June 2013 loomed.

The writers had to combine performance writing for both theatre and screen, and to incorporate music as part of the storytelling, for TV. The auditions consequently sought special performance qualities from the actors.

The result was a show that took six weeks of intense daily rehearsal and studio sessions (uncommon for TV production), followed by two weeks of an intense shooting schedule in August.

Daily rehearsals were held all day at the Kenya National Theatre between June and August 2013. Yafesi Musoke and Mugambi Nthiga led the rehearsals and artistic direction of the cast. The Theatre Producer was Daisy Busolo, with Josephine Gacheru as Production Manager. The Logistics Manager was Loretta Akoth.

An entire season of the show was filmed over an intense two week period in August at the Godown Arts Centre in Industrial Area, with Amira Tajdin as Director, Steve Kibunja as Director of Photography and Wafa Tajdin as Producer.

That is 12 episodes shot in 10 days!

Set construction had to incorporate and combine practicality and aesthetics, with a swiveling set that was expertly designed and constructed by David Oywa. Classrooms swiveled to become courtyards, cafeterias, and could also be slid aside to reveal offices and hostel rooms.

Costumes were designed, sourced and managed by Christine Mugera.
Groove Theory is the first show of its kind to be filmed and produced in the region, combining both stage and screen elements to give audience a sensory performance experience, and demanding full-bodied performances from the actors. The best in acting, dancing and singing were minimum requirements for the characters.

Groove Theory contains original music, written by the talented Charles Righa, and produced by super producer Gideon Kimanzi of Gydkym Music. Cover songs, where they appear in the episodes, are used with copyright permission, and there are even a few celebrity cameos during the season.

The show is produced in partnership by Kijiji Entertainment and Zuku, with the first season airing on Zuku Africa from November 20th.

Drama, Romance, Betrayal, Survival, Music, Joy, Loyalty, Relationships and Dance. It’s Groove Theory.

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