Press & Awards


  • Published her first poetry collection ‘Mines & Mind Fields; My Spoken Words’ in April 2010.
  • Co-founder of Mstari Wa Nne – A poetry group made up of 4 other poets in November 2008. Currently performing as a group.
  • Publication of a blog, which is an online artistic space on Kenyan arts.
  • Ran youth workshops on poetry and social networks at the British Council.
  • Mentoring upcoming poets on writing, performing and online publishing through blogs.
  • An arts correspondence writer with Global Voices Online – A citizen Journalism online journal.
  • Started a  forum for Poets and Writers Online (POWO) which aims at encouraging Creative Writers to exploit the opportunities and tools presented by the internet. The ‘Meeup’ happens after every two months and has plans of going beyond Kenya.
  • The Director of Programs and Outreach at Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE)

In the Media