Poem: Go on. Be Great. Be You

When they look at you
what do they think?

that you shouldn’t be here
that your kind shouldn’t have a career
or maybe they just sneer

When they hear you
what do they whisper?

that you are too loud
that you are too proud
or maybe one not easily bowed

When they touch you
What do they feel?

that your melanin is too blinding
that all you are good for is a ring

or maybe
they see
that you are not the kind that is easy to ignore
that your voice is not the kind that is easily cowed
that your skin is not the kind that one can shroud

That you are the kind destined for greatness

go on,
be great,
be you!

©Njeri Wangarì -Wanjohi
2nd May, 2021

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